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    Default Tell me about tablets or laptops and Internet service

    Can someone please educate me about this? Here is the mom does not have any type of internet service, so when I go to her place I have to go to the library to use the internet. I would like to buy something so that I can have service at her place. If I get a tablet (or a laptop/notebook) do I need to have some sort of wireless service for it? Or is this built in? Thanks!

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    If you have a cell phone provider, you could see how much a data plan would be and get one of those "air cards" or portable hot spots for a laptop computer. I have an iPad and you can get data plans for it (AT&T or Verizon depending on which you choose)...the 4G is very fast, but also very expensive. So, I don't use it . If you aren wanting to stream video or anything, the cost of any portable wireless connection may be prohibitive...if you are just going to be emailing and surfing a little, you might find an affordable plan.

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    Mobile Hotspot, all the big carriers have it. You must have a smart phone. I am only familiar with VZW
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    The first thing I would do, if Mom is friendly with her neighbors and there are some close by, is see whether anyone has a wireless network available that reaches her house. They may be willing to let you use it on occasion, or you could slip them a few bucks, etc. (Or technically, if they have an unsecured network, you could just hop on and use it. But it's probably nice to ask.)

    If that doesn't pan out, then yes you will either need an aircard or a mobile hot spot.

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    My office-mate's nephew introduced her to FoxFi, a free mobile hotspot. It is NOT available on all smartphone, though. You might check it out. She says it worked great when she was in MD.

    I'm considering trying it, as my phone is eligible for upgrade and one of the phones that I could get is one that works with FoxFi.

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