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    Default Rosetta Stone?

    Been thinking of taking a class at the local community college... just because. One of the things I'm interested in though is learning a foreign language. I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and 1 quarter of Russian in collage. Our local community college has one of hte cheapest tuitions in the state ... but it's still just shy of $100/credit hour. If I go for a language, maybe I should look at Rosetta Stone instead. For the cost of 1 class in college, I can get 3 "levels" of Rosetta Stone. Just not sure it's worth it. Has anyone ever taken a course through Rosetta Stone? Did you like it? Was it worth the cost? courses are on sale right now but still not cheap. If you have taken one of their courses, did it hurt your learning to be doing it online by yourself? that's probably my biggest thought (aside from the long term cost savings over multiple college classes) of doing Rosetta Stone.
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    My son bought the 1st level Rosetta Stone Japanese a few years ago. My DiL is from Japan. Both said it was useless for learning Japanese.

    I have the "Conversational Japanese" set of Pimsleur CDs and I like them very much, but I'm not sure they are good for truly learning a language. They seem more geared toward learning enough to be able to get along as a tourist.

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    My daughter has Rosetta stone for French. I like the program quite a bit, however we have the homeschool version and there are glitches with the program. I am ordering her the next level, but in the regular version.

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