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    Quote Originally Posted by Rye View Post
    STA- No one is accusing you of squat. The design of that saddle brand is problematic for some (if not many) horses. It fits some horses, so maybe you're one of the lucky few. Enjoy.
    I am not going to beat this point to death by answering every comment.

    My logic led me to understand the poster to infer because of my choice of saddle I had a disregard for my horse's well being. At the time of purchase of my Butet, I did quite a bit of research on several different saddles. I do not believe the designer/maker had a disregard for the horse nor did I. My point was such a general statement was incorrect. Either the saddle, of any make, fits or it does not fit.

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    I have never had an issue. Both Butet saddles fit my 2 horses well. And these 2 horses are very far a part in body type. With the TB I use a both a shaped pad and gel pad and with the QH just a shaped pad.

    Maybe I am just lucky though...

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    Remember that there is more than one tree used by Butet. I had an older (early 90's) model that I loved and which worked great for my TB. When I got my WB, who was broader in the back, that saddle didn't work as well. I got a Butet with the FB2 tree for him, and it fits great. As a bonus, the newer models seem to be quite a bit more durable. I've had quite a few of the higher end saddles - Hermes, Devoucoux, Antares, etc - and I prefer the Butet to all of them.

    No saddle fits every horse, and saddle preference is a very individual thing. The only way to know if something is going to work is to try it out.
    We move pretty fast for some rabid garden snails.

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    Default I used to have a bad opinion of Butet until

    I worked with one of Beval Fitters on the phone, i already knew from other saddles and fitters what i really needed. The panels that Butet offers is amazing , my question is does anyone know or even research the options.
    I have the a butet that i custom paneled , with a regular tree but the difference is in the panels.

    So I used to think Butet was only for the rider BUT I know now after having amazing help from the NJ fitter help me design a fit for our modern warmbloods. So if you love the feel but are concerned about the horse there is options. Educate yourself I have had every saddle imaginable and I also work with 2 companys that were custom and had fitters. I would buy my custom Butet wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beforew any of my past choices.

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