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    Default Child Craft Christmas Presents

    Kiddo is 4... anybody have any ideas for crafts that kids can make to give as crafts that turnout looking cute and that relatives would like? I'm not the most crafty person myself. Rainbows & Mourning Doves Blog
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    he could make some window pictures, cut out of construction paper.
    our kids (my son and niece) made some in Kinder Garden and they looked adorable!
    How intricate depends of course on his skill.
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    Angel ornaments. I made them at his age with my grandma and we still use them on our tree each year!

    Here's what you need:

    1) Round wooden balls the size of marbles for heads. Some already have a face painted on them. If not, you'll need the paint marker to make eyes and a smile.

    2) Feathers. About 4 3-4 inch feathers per ornament. We did all different colors. Some were white, some blue, some red, etc.

    3) Pipe cleaners in yellow or white for the halo.

    4) Glitter to glitterize the halos

    5) String.

    6) Glue.

    The "heads" should already be drilled out. So you put a dollop of glue in, then take the ends of the feathers and stick 3-4 in with them curving outwards in each direction to look like a gown.

    Then you cut the pipe cleaner short, make a little halo and glue on.

    Add your string.

    They are CUTE. And I'm serious, we have been using these for um...30 years.

    I'm trying to find a pic example. The ornaments themselves are back home w/ mom and it's too late to call for a pic.
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    I think ornaments are kind of awesome if they have the kids picture in them. Add a date and you have a gift you can give for the next 14 years (as in you make a new one each year with an updated photo and date).

    I'm making these with my children's classes in schools. You don't need to be terribly craft - just cut strips of bright, matching contrasting fabric and mod podge away (mod podge is easily avail at something like a Michael's, you can also make your own with water and white glue).

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    both Lowes and Home Depot have free kids workshops where they build projects

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    Anything with a current photo of your child will be treasured.

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    My mother still has some of our nursery school ornaments, which means she's been hang g them on the tree for well over 40 years. May yours not last that long!

    The angel made out of an old fashioned clothespin and felt (and of course glitter, you can't do kids crafts without glitter) still survives. The mouse made from half a walnut shell and tiny bits of felt survives, along with strawberry made from a walnut shell with walnut removed (and glued back together). The shellacked cookie ornaments did not last 40 years, thank god, so maybe you should make those. There's a recipe for cookies that turn hard as concrete when cooked, but don't burn. Paint them after they're cool, or decorate with glitter and assorted stuff. If I remember correctly, a thicker piece of cord worked better for hanging those and you need to make sure the holes for the string are big enough and not too close to the edge.

    Or you could go to your craft store of choice and get ideas from the stuff in the kids' section. Beware... It's a dangerous place because you cold spend a lot of money very fast...

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