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    on the road.....again


    the split ones are the way to start one that doesn't grab on right away. I bought one of each the first time and she loved the split one. Finished it up and started on the other, though slower until she got to some of the marrow. Then it was none stop. There are usually a few around the house, as she seems to go in stages on each one!

    The price you quoted seems quite high, though the antlers are more expensive than other bones. But since they last so much longer, in the end I think they are cheaper! I paid about $18US last week at Petco for a medium size- not split. The split ones seem to be a bit higher priced around here. I was actually surprised to see them at Petco, but it was the same brand I bought at a dog show the first time.

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    Default Shafted by Elk Horn? Try

    It is hard to tell how old an antler is. The old grey antlers are not very good chews. Try some from the current shed year and your dog may love them. I get mine online from for around $20 per lb. Good luck
    Quote Originally Posted by Miss J View Post
    I have been seeing elk and deer chews pop up more often, but I have never personally bought one or given one to my dogs.
    I think there might have even being a thread here.

    But oh my goodness, I didn't realize how pricey they are!

    I was at my local pet store tonight, they are family owned and run, so their prices are usually very competitive against someone like petsmart. Plus they are so knowledgeable and carry great quality products and food.

    So get to the til to pay and they had a basket of hard elk antler pieces for sale, that was made (cut up and put in ziploc baggies) by someone local.
    I looked at one that was approximately 6" long and about an 1.5" thick with the ends flaring out to about 2.5". They were sold individually and by weight. Here is the crazy part..... It was $32.06 for that one bitty piece! And it was priced correctly!

    I used to work at an elk and bison ranch part time a couple of years ago, but I was starting and working with the horses. If they needed an extra hand for inoculations or round ups with the elk and bison, I'd always pitch in.
    But the antlers were always kept when it was time for butchering, so there was a huge bay in the shop that was filled almost to the rafters of all these elk antlers and sheds if they were found.
    The owner used to actually harvest the velvet until the market bottomed out and then he just continued using them for the meat for his casinos.

    I think I may give the ranch a call and see if they want to part with a few. I am just totally blown away at the price! Is this normal?? I know right now I have several deer and elk sheds saved as well as the ones from hunting. I'm tempted to get the band saw out and start cutting pieces of antler up.

    The shop keeper mentioned that it is the 'hard horn/antler' that is coveted. *Anyone have more info?

    Does anyone buy these for their pups? *Do they actually like them?

    I will usually give my two(Shih tzu and lab) the lower legs, from either moose or deer, as well as a nice rib bone or two. *And the first thing they go for is the hooves.

    They love them! *It's funny to see a little fluffy Shih Tzu trying to annihilate this giant moose leg!

    I'd love to get some input from my fellow cother's about these elk and deer antler pieces. *Has anyone had any problems from them? Broken teeth, swallowing a too big of piece or...?


    ETA: sorry if there are asterics throughout my post, I copied and pastes from my 'notes' on my iPhone.

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