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    Default Alternative goat feed ideas!

    My pygmies aren't real keen on Purina goat chow.Can I mix up something on my own...maybe oats,barley,etc.Or can someone recommend something else.My goat that I lost last yr didn't like Purina either.Help please.

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    i used to create my own mix for my pygmies.....some crimped oats, some whole kernel corn, a bit of hay stretcher pellets, some rasins and sunflower seeds........
    they also love uncooked oatmeal, if you are in a pinch..

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    Right now I'm feeding mine oat hay and a horse complete feed with an alfalfa base and supplementing mineral.

    Lots of people at work feed their goats a dry COB (corn/oats/barley no molasses) plus hay.

    I have a milking doe and a bombproof wether; if you have all wethers you want to really watch what they eat for fear of stones. If you have does you have a little more wiggle room in their nutritional balance but not a lot. Goats should have some alfalfa hay, some grass hay, the leaves you raked out of the yard, misc nibblings, bark, maybe a handful of grain and copper supplementation.

    The horse feed I'm giving mine is similar to what is on this page. Try to at least balance the calcium to phosphorus ratio, 2:1 is best but difficult to find in a grain. You'll notice your goats aren't the only ones that don't like Purina. Mine didn't either....

    Also you might consider cross posting this on the Around the Farm board; lots of goatie people there.
    Last edited by cowboymom; Nov. 22, 2012 at 10:44 PM. Reason: the :P in calcium:Phosphorus makes a face lol

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