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    Default anyone had Bell's Palsy?

    So, I had a pretty bad attack of Bell's Palsy when I was 16. Didn't know what it was at the time, and with no health insurance didn't go to the doctor. Wasn't until years later that I figured out what happened. Over the years I've had occasional other (much, much more mild) attacks, but nothing like the first one. It... well... really kind of sucks. I've had what seems to be yet another one fairly recently, and am back to noticeable lower facial drooping and some *lovely* drooling moments. *sigh* I've done the acupuncture route, and been checked out by a doctor, but I suspect this is as good as it's going to get. *sigh*

    Anyone else gone through this? :-(
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    Haven't had it personally but have had 2 friends at work who have. One had her father die and lots of stress in her life, woke up with it. Doc told her to massage her face, try not to stress out more and hope for the best (what compassionate advice) Thankfully her face did return to normal in a few days. Second girl had an episode from a suspected case of Lymes which left her permanently paralyzed on that affected side. Sucks because from my experience it either resolves on its own or it doesn't, not much else you can do.

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    I had bells palsy when I was 13. Started on Christmas eve when I went to drink thru a straw and ending up slobbering all over myself. Parents took me to the er christmas morning. All tests came back normal so they went ahead and put me on steriods. Didn't help.

    I rode horses with my dentists daughter and she made me come into the office to get a panoramic x-ray. It showed right there that my jaw was knocked up into the nerve that caused it. Went to see her chiropractor and he wished he could of seen me right after it happened instead of 2 months later. I saw him twice a week for about a year. Thankfully he never charged me one cent. He got me back to normal and mine is reoccuring mildly if I get out of wack. Mine was caused from the pony and I falling together and wacking my head against the ground. So if you have had any falls or anything to move your jaw out of wack, I would definetly see a chiro. Good luck! I know it sucks... I had to eat my lunch in the nurses office for a long time...

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