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    Default More woes for Jack Sparrow

    They have had more excuses for this horse not participating in a stallion test (maybe legit, maybe not).

    The article says he had approx. 100 mares in Germany and 50 mares in the Netherlands - and none of the foals will be eligible for regular registration papers.

    A friend of mine bred to him this year, but this is certainly one case where it is a good thing the mare didn't take.

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    Does not pass the sniff test.

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    A great lesson in not following the hype! There are a lot of great stallions out there, pick ones that have crossed their Ts and dotted their Is!

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    wow that is very interesting..

    I wunder how many will really use the foal buy back?
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    I love when the owner said "Of course I find this very annoying..."

    Well that's a relief.
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    I would do that immediatly ! 7000 is a good price even if fee was 2000 especially if the foal will get no full papers.

    I have never used a stallion for whom it was insecure to get papers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexandra View Post
    I would do that immediatly ! 7000 is a good price even if fee was 2000 especially if the foal will get no full papers.
    Absolutely agree! But do the math - with 150 mares bred to him, assuming 60% took, there are 90 foals expected. At 7000E each, his owner will be shelling out a bunch of moola (assuming every breeder expecting a foal jumps on the deal by the deadline of Dec. 15).

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    I don't know, it sounds to me like the owner is taking steps to make things right, not totally leaving the mare owners out to dry?

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