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    Default Graduate School - School Psychology

    I am in my senior year of completing my Bachelor's Degree and am starting to focus on the graduate schools I plan on applying to. I am a Psychology major and have a minor in Education, and have been looking into School Psychology.

    Any School Psychologists out there who share their experiences or lend some advice?

    It is my plan to continue riding my horse and lightly competing through graduate school, any recommendations to help manage time and keep my sanity?


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    Not my field, so take this with a grain of salt- but a good friend of mine was on a PhD track with a focus in school psychology and is now looking at other options. She says the job market is nonexistent.
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    Not a school psych but a clinical psych myself. I think if you were interested in living in small rural areas you'd be well employed. Those school districts would be less likely to have a school psych and would love to have them. Some schools have found its cheaper to hire a social worker or LCPC, so you might have to convince them why your degree is a better investment for them! but folks who are good witih kids will be employed!

    If you are able to event, etc during your grad school days, you will be very very lucky. I had a horse then, and it was all I could do to to my work shift and ride on the weekends-and sure, on the vacations, and ride meaning nice trail rides. Just would not have been possible to actually train and compete unless I decided to go very , very part time. Most good psych programs are really rigorous-you will be busy, studying, doing clinical work, and then doing your own research, AND doing something like TA'ing, or working for your advisor.

    I would also suggest taking a few years off to do something non academic-go be a ski bum or compete and event or whatever as once you start on this, its hard to go back to that, you can't afford it. And in the mental health field, life experience counts for a LOT.

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    A friend of mine is a psychologist with her own practice specializing in family practice.
    She started as a teacher, became a school psychologist and moved on to private practice, the school type jobs very skimpy around here.
    She is very happy with what she does now.

    What was interesting is that she didn't know all her many options until she was in the field and those are many more than you may think.
    Keep asking around.

    A curious note, when I was a student half a century ago, psychology was just one part of philosophy, like metaphysics, ethics and logic and such, not yet it's own separate field.
    How the times have changed, have they.

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    A friend of mine earned her bachelors degree in psychology and well into working on her masters/PhD in Family Counseling. She is doing a one year internship at a family practice while taking courses at university, and is too busy to do much besides an occasional ride. However, she loves family therapy! She likened it recently to being the moderator in one of the national political debates. If you are willing to expand your options, I think this one might be able to provide you with a good living and help a lot of people along the way. Good luck!
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