Hi everyone,

on 09/2011 my chestnut pony was shipped to a farm where he was intended to be used as a companion to lay-ups recovering from injury/surgery. Allison Collier-Harvey of Turning Point Equestrian Center in Altamonte Springs, FL. arranged for this and mentioned that Greg Rhoades of Tampa, FL would be receiving him.

After a few weeks I grew very concerned and my questions on the whereabouts of my pony were continuously being avoided. I later found out that Lisa Cerra of Ocala, FL may have received him, but was not able to confirm if true.

I am not writing this thread to cause problems to those mentioned, I am simply trying to find out where my pony is and if he is ok. I am mortified that he ended up in the wrong hands or has been abandonded.

He is a 13.1h chestnut gelding with a blaze
2 small front socks (left is barely there)
2 hind socks/stockings (stop approx 5" below his hocks)
He has a small dent on the left side of his neck
Responds to: Vic, Vicky, or Winky Dinky
And has a whinny that sounds like a mini or piggy squeeling.

If anyone has seen him or heard anything regarding his whereabouts, PLEASE contact me via message. I just want to find him and know he is safe. Links to his pictures are below. Thank you!