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    Nov. 12, 2001
    Dry Ridge, KY USA


    I am 5'6" and the long, forward flap fit me just fine. I will say that my legs are long. I have a short waist, so that may be the difference.

    It might be worth a try?
    When in Doubt, let your horse do the Thinking!

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    western NY

    Lightbulb Trees in Amerigo and Vega

    Quote Originally Posted by rollonhighway View Post
    Ok, to clarify one thing with the Amerigo VEGA: Can the be adjusted or not? I know regular Amerigo's can, but I can't seem to get a firm answer on if the Vega's can.

    MD Tack Exchange has a 17" Amerigo Vega, Wide tree. And final price is $1,800 i believe.
    I called about a Vega with a MW tree and I need a M tree. Since I had my Amerigo dressage saddle adjusted from a MW to a M tree I incorrectly assumed that I could do the same with the Vega.

    Both the saddle fitter (deals in both Vega and Amerigo) and the store that had the used Vega for sale told me that the Vega trees were NOT adjustable. I took their word for it so kept saddle shopping.

    Mary in Western NY

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    Edited: I stand corrected! See alto's post below
    Last edited by jn4jenny; Nov. 26, 2012 at 06:19 AM.

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    Yeah, I doubt the Vegas are easily adjusted. They're a synthetic polyamide tree with a stabilizing steel head iron. Not the sort of operation you'd want to be stretching.
    I double checked the Amerigo 2012 cataligue, they list adjustable tempered steel plate gullet for all their Vega models (I've had a couple of saddle fitters offer to adjust as well)
    - but if your local fitter isn't comfortable with the idea, definitely don't go there!

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    Jan. 9, 2012


    Edit: Nevermind.

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    Nov. 21, 2012


    So I have a Stubben Roxane coming on trial - partially because I am running out of time and really need to start actually RIDING in these saddles, and partially because it was a steal of a deal. We'll see. Anyone have experience with these?

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    Nov. 21, 2012


    Does the Amerigo Vega CC (Dual flap) have as forward of a flap as the Amerigo Vega monoflap?

    Found one for a steal on eBay, and I'm thinking this Stubben isn't going to work out. It's OK, and I could ride in it if I have to, but it's not one that I absolutely love. Too deep-seated for my taste.

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    Does anyone know where the Christmas special is for the WiseAirs? I swear I saw it the other day and now?? Cannot find it!

    I am interested in these- my moose does not resemble any horse I have ever owned before, and his back is only getting wider....

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    If you want to explore the Vegas/Amerigos and other forward-balance saddles, chat w/Ann Forrest at Excellent fitter both hands-on and long distance, and carries these saddles.

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