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    Default Tips on selling a 2-year-old

    I have been contemplating putting my 2-year-old up for sale. She is now very fuzzy and scruffy looking with her full winter coat. Is it okay to market her with her less than stunning coat or should I body clip and blanket her to make her look more polished? Or wait until next year to market her? I didn't take any photos of her this summer since I wasn't expecting to put her up for sale (my thoughts have changed a bit due to more horses in my barn now). She hasn't been started under saddle so she isn't in work yet and there is no real need to clip her. She currently lives out 24/7 but I have enough stalls to bring her in if I need to. I thought there might be a market out there for a nice amateur friendly 2-year-old that someone could start themselves?

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    I would think that if you groom her up really nicely it would suffice. She's not in work so anyone looking at her would take into account that fact. groom her really well and put something on her to make her shiny and clean looking.

    I have a 2 1/2 yr old I want to send out on a long term lease situation, I realize it's a different situation than yours, I'm getting a bit of interest. I've been surprised at how many people really want to start the young ones themselves.... I don't really want to sell her as I waited a long time to *finally* have a better quality horse for myself, but my husband is seriously ill and out of work for probably a year, so I have to get the horses out of my pocket.

    good luck with yours-- seriously, just groom her up take some good pics, those looking at her will be able to see beyond the fuzzies :-)

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    I've been considering putting my 2 1/2 year old up for sale too and I have decided to wait until the spring..

    I agree with gabby.gator that some will be able to see beyond the fuzzies, but you'll definitely generate more interest with a shiny horse with a pulled mane wearing a nice bridle.

    Also, in my experience many people may not want to add another mouth to feed over the winter unless it's a horse they can start serious work with for the following show season.

    If you aren't in a huge rush, I'd wait.

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    I would NOT clip a younster just to take a picture..especially in upstate NY!! A good grooming and a 1/2 hour+ wearing a cooler will slick the hair down enough for decent pictures. Any buyer worth dealing with "should" understand what youngsters look like at this time of year!! If not...they are not your next buyer!
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