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    I have been a nurse since 1985. The hours get longer, 12 hour shifts instead of 8, the patients are sicker (insurance companies want them out asap), the support staff no longer exists. Shortly, neither will I. I hope I have been a good nurse, God only knows how hard I have tried. But in today's nursing climate, I am headed for another career. God bless all of you that can still keep plugging away.
    Second place is first loser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LexInVA View Post
    Based on the women I've talked to....

    1. They fell for the nursing school ads that promised them a job. (Often the case with immigrants and those who have questionable personal histories)

    2. They want to score drugs. (Sadly, I have met quite a few nurses who are recreational drug users)

    3. They want to marry a doctor. Very common. (Even though Doctors are known for cheating, the paycheck is still attractive and I think Grey's Anatomy and ER have really sold a lot of women on landing a Doctor)

    4. They like kids and want to work as a Pediatric Nurse. (Many women I've met who genuinely seem to love the idea of being a nurse want to do Pediatric Nursing)

    5. They like adrenaline. (I've met quite a few ER nurses who are attracted to the craziness)
    Point #3 is weirdly out of date and sexist. You make it sound like all nurses are women and all doctors are sought-after men. Are you aware that women enrolled in medical schools now outnumber men? I don't know any nurses or women medical students who entered their profession just to marry a doctor.

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    I am in a BSN program right now. This will be my second degree. I am transitioning from being a vet tech to nursing. I am going into nursing for multiple reasons. I do want to help people, but I do hope to have a job that will pay better, have more opportunities to advance, and so that I will have the flexibility to eventually event regularly. I am the type of person who likes excitement and I am used to emergencies in my current job. I am lucky that I am on a scholarship that pays my tuition, and when I graduate I have an almost guaranteed job at the university hospital where I am doing my clinicals so that I can pay off the scholarship. I have met some great nurses, and some not so great nurses already. I have definitely seen that nurses are being short staffed and being asked to do more and more, and patient care goes down. Overall there are more good nurses than bad though, and please give them the benefit of the doubt, because they really do work hard to help people.

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