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    Default Replacing irreplaceable things

    I Didn't want to take away from Jennywho's thread about her brother losing his home in a fire.

    But thought maybe it might help someone Else in the future.

    We all know by now to document our home furnishings and belongings by taking video and saving that in a separate location from your home, In case of fire or other natural disaster.
    We know to keep our important personal papers in a safe spot other than in our own home.

    But who has thought about replacing your Irreplaceable things such as family photos, photos of your pets and videos taken of your family and friends?
    In this day and age it is easy to make copies of all of those things. And it is something everyone should do now. Don't put it off for another time, because you never know when disaster can strike.
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    I've been thinking a lot about this in the last few days. Anyone have recommendations for online storage for photos and stuff that's not terribly time consuming? Photobucket and shutterbug take forever, is there some place where you can save entire folders quickly. Yes, I am tech challenged.

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    For digital stuff, carbonite online might be a good option. 59 bucks unlimited storage per year. THen you've got everything out there on the cloud.

    Backing up stuff to dvd is not the best plan since those aren't necessarily good for more than a few years and can be burned/flooded just like everything else. Offsite backup is best IMHO.
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    I'm an amateur photographer. I take thousands of photos. Last spring my hard drive failed and I came to the awful realization that my last backup to the external hard drive had been a year previously. Thought it was more recent but "time flies" and all that. I was devastated. Seriously devastated. It felt like an old friend had died when I started thinking about what I had lost.

    Luckily when my police department working friend took my hard drive to cyber crimes to see if anything could be recovered she discovered eight viruses on my machine and was able to clean them and recover everything for me.

    Can you believe I still haven't found an off site storage for the photos? I keep meaning to but never seem to get around to it. I also need to do another backup to the external drive.
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