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    The first thing I do when I log on is to check my notifications - a new form of fun. And I just got a TD for a fairly innocuous comment on this thread! Am I mortified? Not really!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BuddyRoo View Post
    We COULD turn this into a drinking game. Every thumbs down is 2 shots, every up is 1.

    What could happen then?
    Now that's the best idea I read in a long time. Unfortunately I can't hold my liquor or wine. After the 2nd glass I'm under the table asleep.
    Sometimes you have to burn a few bridges to keep the crazies from following you!

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    I vote that they stay. They're very easy to ignore if you choose and they're fun if you don't.

    Doesn't bother me in the least to get a thumbs down.

    Also it seems that a lot of times a good post will get a lot of thumbs up, and sometimes they're on posts by people who don't post a lot and sort of went out on a limb expressing something. Those always make me smile, as it's a nice way of the whole group showing that they appreciated it, and I think that encourages people to post more & better posts.

    You can tell the harassers - those who thumbs down an innocuous post out of spite, and that just tells you you did a good job.

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