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    Janet is correct with regard to the original suspension. The horse tested positive as a USEF only competition. But it was an FEI discipline so the length of the suspension for the "person responsible" followed the FEI guidlelines. But, the USEF rules were used to determine the person responsible, trainer on entry form.

    The reason for lifting of the suspension has been batted around since it came down, as many in the top levels of the showjumping didn't feel it was an appropriate time frame given the circumstances. I don't know all the details, but do find the timing interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janet View Post
    Yes, I had a point which you apprently missed.
    "the USEF suspension period would follow the FEI guidelines."

    To expand, if it was not sufficiently clear-

    If a person is charged, under USEF rules (it is the TRAINER that is charged under USEF rules), for a drug violation in an FEI discipline, the LENGTH of the USEF imposed suspension will be guided by the "FEI guidelines" rather than the "USEF guidelines".

    Using the FEI guidleines for the length of the suspension does not, in any way, affect the USEF rule that it is the trainer considered responsible.

    They are not"following FEI rules". They are following "FEI guidelines" for the length of the suspensionn.

    At least, that is what I was told when I asked the outgoing D&M chair.

    The text of the rule itself is almost incomprehensible (at least to me) which is why I asked in first place.
    we don't want those rules to be too clear--USEF storm trooper staff needs leeway to reach out and slap whomever is politically unpopular at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nootka View Post
    A little off topic.. but why on earth would you give a horse cocaine?
    Cocaine is a very effective analgesic (aka pain killer).
    Life would be infinitely better if pinatas suddenly appeared throughout the day.

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    Yes, Janet that's the rule change I was referring to in my earlier post.
    SAM is correct that in all FEI competitions the rider is the "person responsible" but the competition on which Urico tested positive was not an FEI sanctioned event which is where things got fuzzy.
    Under USEF rules we all know it's the trainer who is the PR. The way the new rule was interpreted by the Hearing Committee, and I believe they had no latitude, they had to penalize BB with a two year suspension and a hefty fine because cocaine is an FEI banned substance . ( as compared with a controlled substance.).
    As mentioned earlier, the way I read the rule, and the way it was interpreted to me, it ONLY applied to FEI disciplines. If URICO had tested positive for cocaine in a Hunter class the suspension, if any, would likely have been very different.

    Let's hope the powers that be rerwrite this rule soon. (I hear it's in the works.)

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