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    Quote Originally Posted by Watermark Farm View Post
    Thanks! I was thinking I'd order it from a compounding pharmacy but my vet said he is nervous about injectables coming from a compounding pharmacy. The cost from Abba is much lower than buying Pentaussie though, which sure makes it tempting.
    Did he mention why he does not like Ww compounded pentosan?

    I too use the Ww compounded product. I too am comfortable using it.

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    I am also pretty happy, generally with compunded products but I did have a bad experience this fall. I ordered componded meds in powder form and measured it very carefully. At the end of the dose, I discovered I was 7 scoops shy. No way to know if they just left 7 scoops out or if the product settled (which meant all along I was perhaps giving a prior dose than directed because the settling caused each scoop to be more concentrated). No harm, no foul on this particular drug-- but it wasn't hugely reassuring to have that happen.
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    Default PentAussie longer duration loading dose?

    Hi I posted this on another board but didn't get much replies.

    and YES, I already have a call into the vet for his opinion ( he just got back yesterday from vacation, so I might not have a answer until the after the weekend)

    My Question: Has anyone Given PentAussie to their horse every 5-7 days for 8 vials instead of 4? (ex: 1 vial every week for 8wks)?

    My horse has pretty severe arthritis in his knee.

    I was thinking of giving him a longer/double duration loading dose (1 vials every wk for 8 wks)?

    Thank You for any responses.

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    My horse gets a shot every week.

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    oh, geeze lol.

    I didn't even know I posted on an already existing topic! I thought I made my own. sorry! thanks for the reply!

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