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    Quote Originally Posted by anmoro View Post
    BINGO!!! That is where I am at this point. When I say "I am not comfortable with lease terms" she says "obviously you don't want to lease him", when I say "it's not that, I just feel this is a recipe for disaster" she says "I'm putting the girl through an emotional rollercoaster". I'm beginning to feel like she is only looking out for her and the students best interest, not the boarder or the horse. She literally just text me and said "Ok, nevermind, you actually needed to think of it as free training though" WTF?????? Excuse me??? I'm sorry but that just sent me over the edge. Explain to me how a beginner eq rider is "free training". grrrrrr
    LOL. If your trainer rides the horse 3-4 days a week for $125 you can "think of it as free training"

    It's completely ridiculous. I half-leased my lesson mare when I started riding, and I think I had very generous terms (half board, no vet/farrier). I wasn't allowed to even think about jumping outside a lesson, and I certainly didn't improve the horse - at least I didn't give her more bad habits, she was already an older teen mare used to crappy beginners

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    I didn't realize the barn set the lease rates for everyone. I also do not get the idea that it is fair to expect the horse to be ridden twice a day...what a logistical nightmare. I can just see you showing up to ride on one of your days, and finding kidlet riding as "it is ok for horse to go twice a day"

    Add to that the emotional blackmail it sounds like the trainer is trying to pull on you, and I would run from the deal, and possibly from the barn.

    My guess is that trainer is desperate for a horse for kid to ride and has nothing suitable herself...but that is NOT your problem.

    If you are going to subsidize a lease, do it to someone who rides better or as good as you do and will improve the horse. If you want to have a jr show it in the future, I am sure it won't be hard to find someone to catch ride!

    All in all, if it is this messed up/stressful now, I can't imagine it will get better. Hopefully you can find a better situation for the horse.

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    Congratulations on your new horse! While I was very recently that horse crazy kid, I agree with everyone else-- you should not be pressured to lease your horse in a manner you don't feel comfortable with. I have had a somewhat similar half-lease situation that actually worked out (in that I paid less than half of board). However, the horse was not green and while by no means a perfect rider, I have been riding for a while. However, this situation was arranged between two legal adults and the BO/trainer was not really involved.

    I have never heard of a barn owner having a set lease rate for privately owned horses! This BO does not sound very professional. It sounds like SHE was the one who planted the idea of the lease in this little girl's head, so she is the one causing the "emotional roller coaster". I would move if I were you and had the ability to do so.

    If moving isn't an option, maybe have a frank conversation with the BO about your goals for the horse? Explain you might be open to a lease with an experienced, adult rider (if you are). Then again, some people just don't listen!

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    You should not feel guilty, and the terms being proposed are not fair to you. Honestly at this point, I wouldn't touch the situation (or any other barn arranged lease proposal) even if they were willing to pay more. The whole thing sounds like it has become quite uncomfortable and unprofessional.

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    Barn setting the price for the lease? That's just crazy talk! I would be livid if someone wanted to dictate the terms of what I want to do with MY OWN horse.

    I'm glad you avoided what would certainly be a messy situation. If you can swing it I wouldn't half lease the horse at all. I would stay put for the winter if it makes riding more convenient for you but take the time to look for another barn. This trainer sounds like a whacko.

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    $125 is a paltry sum for basically full use of the horse. I have never heard of a BO setting lease prices for a boarder and I would not expect a green OTTB and a green rider to be a good match. And allowing that green rider to jump outside of a lesson or show? No way. Free training? Give me a green horse any day over one that has been taught incorrectly and you can't expect a green rider to train properly.

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    NONONONONONONONONO!!!! I didn't even get as far as jumping outside lessons. This is a horse straight off the track and your TRAINER/BO wants you to lease him to a beginner rider???? WTF???

    And you recent post where you've had him less than a month, he 'hasn't had a good life', and already starting over obstacles/jumps?

    And BO/trainer/kid/kid's parents want kid to use YOUR HORSE for 4H? Who's the 4H leader? Does s/he know anything about hunters? English riding? OTTBs?

    Good lord, run like a scalded-ass cat AWAY from that idea!!!

    And good luck/have fun with your new horse. I surely understand that it would be nice to share some of the expense, BUT.... they're not sharing enough to make a serious dent, and you (hopefully) calculated your expenses prior to purchasing him.

    Equine Photography in the Northeast

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