I bought a new horse about 6 months ago. He was imported as a jumper and then bought as a dressage horse. He's 14, shown thru I-1 and schooling GP but has been leased out for the past year and a half. He was purchased sound but under-muscled and kind of dull to the leg when we bought him.

Since we bought him, my trainer has basically started over with him. He's doing great and his movement and entire demeanor has changed.

However, his front leg swelled up really bad all of a sudden about a month ago. We found that he had been banging it really hard on the door for treats as the lessons students went by and have since closed his door. I had a vet look at it, gave him a few weeks off and then ultrasound. Everything looks ok but he still has a bit of swelling that the vet says is just a blood vessel.

He's been back in work about a week and today had some heat. I'm not sure how worried I should be. Has anyone had a similar experience?