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    Default Solid Black Hunt Coat - Out of style or traditional?

    Hi all,

    Finding a hunt coat that fits me correctly is tough...I'm barely 5' tall and essentially built like a kid....but with size C boobs.
    I can get away with a kids 16, but there has GOT to be something out there that fits me better! I'm stuffing "the girls" in there and the rest of the coat looks like a box on me. A kid's 18 coat is way too boxy on me. So I'm looking for something new....
    I was browsing my local tack shop and found a solid black RJ Classics 00 Reg. It fit me beautifully everywhere but the length, it was a little too long. So I found this coat online, and it comes in a 00 short (woohoo!), but only in solid black and solid navy. I was about to purchase it for myself, but I don't think people wear solid black anymore except for formal hunting days. Right? A friend and I are going to be doing some hunting this winter, so a black coat would be appropriate.....but could it serve a dual purpose and be worn in the modern day hunter ring without sticking out like a sore thumb?
    I contemplated buying the coat in navy, but I'd have to get a black coat anyway for hunting. a black coat terribly out of style these days, or traditional?

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    I am not currently showing H/J, so keep that in mind. But I have done the hunters and eq over the years, and I am not afraid to wear a 'different' colored coat from the rest of the crowd, especially something that leans towards the more traditional and formal. I think as long as you jump a beautiful round, no judge will mind if you wear a beautifully fitting solid black coat.

    I would add... that if you jump a terrible round... you won't get extra points for wearing the navy.
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    The solid blacks and navys are especially on trend for the hunter/eq ring right now. You will rarely see the browns/greys/plaids that were so big a few years ago, traditional is in. You will see most riders in dark navy/black coats with either white or very light blue shirts. You may see a subtle windowpane in a few coats but most riders are staying away from flashy patterns. As long as the coat is a nice lighter weight/technical fabric and not overly thick or wooly I'd say you'd fit right in!

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    Black is back *in* style.
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    Well, I'm a jumper not a hunter, so take my opinion for what it's worth (not much!), but I own a couple of solid black hunt coats (this GP and an Animo), a couple of solid blue hunt coats (one navy GP here, one a medium blue), a solid green hunt coat (here), and a solid grey hunt coat. Rarely do I wear anything other than solid hunt coats now. That's largely because all of my new(er) technical fabric hunt coats are solid colors, and because of that I expect that you might notice more solid colors now than prior years.

    I don't think you'd stand out at all in solid black, and my personal opinion is that a well-fitted hunt coat makes the biggest impression. I never notice a hunt coat (in a less-than-admiring way) unless it's poorly fitted.
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    This is music to my ears! Honestly, I LOVE the coat in looks so sharp. I know what I'm getting myself for my birthday.
    Thanks guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNWjumper View Post
    Well, I'm a jumper not a hunter, so take my opinion for what it's worth (not much!), but I own ...a solid green hunt coat
    This is off track from the OP but I can't help myself...LOVE it. I don't care what anyone says. Green is awesome. I also wish I could get a hunt coat in a deep purple. After MUCH searching I was able to find a green that looks awesome on my red head girl (+ I have reddish blonde hair and green eyes). For the deep purple, I suppose I'll have to have one made or learn to sew really well. Have to wonder what trends will cycle through in the next 30 years.....

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