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    elf'o'MeghanDACVA Guest

    Question Tactfully suggesting lessons to adults/parents?

    I am in disguise! And I am also a Secret Santa! First let me point out that this has nothing to do with my SS Giftee!

    I see some of our local kids struggling with their riding (ie not placing well in shows, or general confidence issues, blaming the horse for everything, etc.) and I want to tactfully recommend they need to work with a reputable instructor, of which we have many local instructors that are good choices. Likewise, I see some adults struggling, having the same issues with horse after horse, and always blaming the horse. Have you found a tactful way to recommend lessons to an adult for their betterment, or their child's?

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    In the past, I have said, "Have you thought about lessons/thought about getting lessons for your child? I still take lessons and always have something to learn."

    That is the end of the conversation, though. If they ask more, then I offer name suggestions, prices, etc.

    If they shrug it off, end of discussion. I will only bring it up once - it is not my job or my duty to badger them about taking lessons.

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    "Sometimes it can be really fun to go take some lessons with a group of other people" and you can mention that it's a good way to expose Dobbin to a new experience at the lesson place or that it's a good chance to get to ride some other horses to figure out what issues are Dobbin's and what are yours.

    And I would say something along the lines of how much I enjoy being in a lesson program when I can, because it gives me new things to think about.

    My daughter is in a lesson program because it lets her ride with a bunch of other horse-crazy kids and on a dozen been there-done-that horses that have taught hundreds of other kids to ride. They play horse games and the kids benefit from each other's progress. She is having more fun than ever before.
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