Does anyone have any experience with the above? I ride my Arab in a Bob Marshall most of the time, but occasionally I like to use an old beat up Collegiate dressage saddle. I also need to use it when someone rides my older mare, because then she gets the BM.

My gelding has a decent set of withers with the hollows behind the shoulder. The Collegiate seems to fit ok, until I am mounted. There is still wither clearance but I feel like the foam squishes so much that there's not much between the sides of his spine and the saddle. Make sense? If I run my hand under there I feel like my fingers are digging into his spine on the sides. I feel like any narrower of a saddle and he will be pinched even more, but any wider and the saddle would sit on his withers.

Would the pad I posted give offer some cushioning or make things too tight? And would I get the Lift Front, I assume? I sure don't want to add pressure to the front. I don't want to spend big bucks because I can use my BM most of the time. This saddle also seems to do the same thing on my wider-shouldered yet high withered mare. I hate saddle fitting. Last time we rode both of them I borrowed a friend's Black Forest.