I am looking to buy a trail/ husband saddle. I do about 15 - 20 miles of trails per week. I am getting knee surgery and want something 'more' for when I transition back. Hubby also wants a more supportive saddle - he rides a draft cross but both horses fit the same tree - depending on padding. The horses are also ridden in Wintec Isabella set to MW and a Stubben Eddelweise that is a 34( I think can double check) The Wintec fits the TB better and the Stubben fits the Draft best. I would use a Skito or simular pad to adjust for the small differences between their backs.

We were looking at an Abetta Stealth Endurance. I would love any critiques or sugestions.

We are really open to any saddle under $600 that would suit our needs. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!