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    Default Pony Horse Equipment Question

    I've recently discovered my horse's affinity for ponying green or injured horses - she really seems to love pushing the goofy green horses around, puts up with a lot of crud, and I think she may have had some roping training somewhere in her past because she knows how to snap the rope and get their attention or get them "unstuck", and how to put her nose to the line and pull.

    However, I am concerned about some dumb greenie goofing off and kicking her or stepping on her legs and hurting her. I already have bell boots on her fronts, but my splint boots do not fit her and she dislikes my older Professional's Choice SMB boots (she just gets into this sulking mode until they are taken off..not pleasant for anyone). I have a few polos, but I am concerned that they'll get stepped on and pulled loose. What wraps or boots do pony horses who handle fractious horses for a living use? I do not care about appearances, just functionality and comfort for the horse.

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    I always used polos with either electric tape or masking tape around the velcro to help ensure that they stayed put, never had one come off, knock on wood.

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