This would get more hits in Off Course with the potential of seeing if the rider was a COTHer, but it's dog focused.

5 women with 8 dogs strolling VA State Arboretum spy two horses coming toward us. Everybody leashes up or commands stays and we stop in the middle of the field. Good! The horses walk slooooowly up the trail at the edge of the field hundred+ meters away. We stand and wait, chit chatting. Good.

Then the riders trot, moving from parallel with our pack to just past us. Fine and Good. Dogs and horses are now facing opposite directions, headed in opposite directions. Release dogs. One dog peels off for the horses. Recall vaporizes. Owner asks what to do and the answer is scream the dog's name . There isn't much a human can do: the dog is flying.

When the dog reaches the trail, one rider turns her horse to face the dog. Pooch slams on the brakes with a holy $hit expression then U-turns back to owner. Yay!

Thank you, rider, and sincere apologies! Was it a COTHer?