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    Nov. 10, 2011

    Default Prestige Saddle Gurus - Hippos and Foxes

    The search function doesn't work on my version of IE, under this new format, so sorry I had to start a new thread....

    My friend is letting me try her Prestige saddle that she recently bought for $500, but doesn't like. Now that I'm looking at it there are something's that look strange to me. On the saddle pins it says "Hippos" under the little prestige logo. On one of the billets it has a red fox stamp on it. It has the same stamp on the flap. I googled and could find lots of hippo dressage saddles, but not many close contacts.

    So what's the story behind these saddles? I'm guessing they're cheaper quality than the other prestige saddles? Anyone have experience with them? Do they hold up? What do they retail for new?

    Any info is appreciated.

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    I had a Red Fox hippos saddle on consignment for a seller. They are actually very good quality Prestige saddles, discontinued over 10 years ago. So they are older saddles with not a lot of info out there. So I would say they hold up well, since most of the ones you find will be older.

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    Exactly ^^^^^

    I had some Hippos jumper horse boots that held up fantasticly

    I Loved the Hippos dressage saddle I owned and wish I had never sold it!! I did buy a Red Fox saddle (not hippos brand because newer) and i wasn't thrilled with it.

    If you don't like the saddle let me know!
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    ^ Yeah, that.

    Long story short, once upon a time Prestige made a Hippos lineup that include a Red Star, Gold Star, and Blue Star. The Prestige Hippos Red Star's name slowly morphed to Prestige Red Fox; I don't know the exact year when it switched over. It was a gradual transition and there was a "shoulder zone" where the Hippos Red Star wore Red Fox clothing. As time went on, the Red Fox became more and more of a budget product with cheaper leather, etc. But at $500, even the newest Red Foxes would be a steal. If it suits your needs, buy it--you won't have trouble reselling it later. If it's wool-flocked, which the Hippos Red Stars were but some of the later Red Foxes were not, that's an extra perk that raises the desirability.

    In terms of what they "retailed for," I can't speak to the exact vintage you're talking about. I know the later Prestige Red Foxes retailed around $2200.

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    Nov. 10, 2011


    Thanks all! It looks like the saddle was ridden in a dozen times, so I'm shocked to hear that they are so old. It is wool flocked and has the velcro patches for knee and thigh blocks.

    I'm hoping it fits me and my horse. I'd love to pay $500 for an (almost brand new) prestige!

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