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    Nov. 9, 2011
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    Default Looking for barefoot trimmer (or farrier that can do good barefoot trim) (NoVA)

    I have a new 4 year old OTTB and I'd like to keep her barefoot at least until next year so that the somewhat funky hooves she arrived with can grow out. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good barefoot trimmer, or a farrier that can do a good barefoot trim, and will come to Western Loudoun County, VA?

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    Heather Beauchemin out of Round Hill. She's a farrier but very skilled and patient. Her number is 313-204-9436

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    Aug. 4, 2010
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    I'm not in the area, but just a general comment about the barefoot thing...You might consider a good farrier - that way you have someone who can do a great job with your horse while barefoot, but has the skill and tools to put shoes on, if needed. My personal preference is to have someone who can do a good job on a trim, but who has enough knowledge and skill to do a good shoeing job, if needed. I wouldn't want to limit myself to someone who won't/can't put on shoes...So, how about just getting a good farrier? Is the person you are using now not working out?

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    Why compromise on hoof care? A competent farrier can deal with the funky hooves without needing to wait for them to grow out.

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