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    I don't feel like looking for it, but there was a recent article somewhere about the relationship between cribbing and ulcers, some study at a vet school, I think.

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    Spy was turned out with a nutcracker-type cribbing strap for many years, and never had anu problems. He is now 30 .

    chief feeder and mucker for Music, Spy, Belle and Tiara. Someone else is now feeding and mucking for Chief and Brain (both foxhunting now).

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    Default Hey Bluey

    Attached a rubber feed tub to a mat about a week ago, and so far, so good. I'll have to get my SO to turn it over to clean though. Too heavy for me.
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    The DARE collar has stopped by OTTB gelding from cribbing completely. He doesnt even bother trying when it's left on. I do agree with others about the tummy issues. I gave him a 30 day treatment for ulcers and noticed that his attempt to crib even with the collar off declined. A year since the treatment I saw an increase, did another 30 days of pop rocks and it has declined again. I give one UGUARD scoop per day which also helps.

    The DARE collar is very easy to use and in the summer, to avoid rubbing, I coat it with MTG or something like that so it doesnt chaffe his skin. He is turned out most of each day in it, with other horses, and we've never had a problem.
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