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    I used to to pretty much have that same truck in a F350- must mechanic husband called it a disease-l. Nuff said
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    What RAyres said - the 7.3 is a marvellous truck - just had that one litle hole in it...easy fix.
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    OP My truck is a 97 F250 diesel. Does the same exact thing. I think I need glow plugs also, but going down the road it won't go over 20 mph until it is warmed up. I was told I need injectors.

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    I am in a hurry tonight, so I can't read all of the posts, but:

    I had a '99 I put 357,000 miles on.

    If the engine is cold, it will lope. In other words, the RPMs will fluctuate.

    That is because the fuel injection system is run off of the oil pressure and cold oil does not flow as readily as hot oil.

    Think in terms of ketchup in a cold bottle.

    I did not read far enough to see your reply to the question as to whether the heater puts out heat quickly.

    It is one mile from my house to the stop sign at the state road.

    My '99 would put out heat like crazy by the time I travelled that mile.

    Two miles later it would literally run you out of the truck unless you adjusted the heat to a lower level.

    So....If you do not have heat in the cab within two miles at the most, you have a stuck thermostat.

    That is not a big deal. Any garage can change that for you.

    All 7.3's will run unevenly until the engine reaches operating temperature. I would bet that it is your thermostat.

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    Sounds like it could also be a stuck EBPV valve
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    The only reason I don't think it's warming at a normal rate is because I have three friends who are also driving older Fords (+/- 2 years) with the same engine- we drive the same distance to horseshows, drive to the same hotel, park the trucks and if we start at the same time- they're ready to go a few minutes later and mine still won't go above 25 mph- it makes a "sipping" noise and is quite lazy. When I have it started and idling to warm up it also sounds odd- almost like is cycling low and then high? Not really sure how to describe it. But I'm around lots of diesels and they don't do these things.
    Yes, this sounds like the EBPV (Exhaust Back Pressure Valve). The tube from the valve to the exhaust downtube can get clogged. You can pull the valve and tube run brake cleaner through the tube and lightly through the valve. The carbon in the smoke can build up in the system if you are not running the engine long or hard enough to burn out the exhaust system.

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    Sent you a PM

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    I bought my 06 F-250 in NC, a relatively warm state. Had it for 1 winter there with no issue. When I moved out to CO, I realized that she didn't like to fire up so quick when it got cold (<20). Once it got REALLY cold (<0) it would take a good 15 mins to fire up. Took it to the dealer and 5 of my 8 glow plugs needed replacement

    Once that got done, she does great in the cold now!! A little sluggish and a LOT loud for the first 5 mins but I've had no problem at all starting up
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