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    Quote Originally Posted by WideSquareAlter View Post
    Just thought I'd update; we're doing it! However, after VERY extensive job/housing/weather research, it will not be Colorado we move to. It's California! Holy cow, I get butterflies just typing it all out.

    We are selling everything that's not nailed down. I've already purged my closet and my kitchen, and we've thrown away bags and bags of stuff. It's exciting, terrifying, and intense. Target move date is end of June. Already gotten quotes for shipping horsies across the country (HOLY COW!), and researching schools like crazy.

    The area we're going to move to is north of Sacramento but probably south of Redding. I will put updates out there as we make decisions; not quite ready to 'out' myself yet, there's still time to change things obviously. In my mind, I'm 98% sure we're going. It will be after our little "fact finding" trip end of March that I turn to 110%
    Good luck! DH and I came to a similar conclusion, that Northern California was actually more cost-effective, and here we are.

    Do be aware that water is still an issue - although it is relatively plentiful in the north, it's not going to rain in summer, so be sure of your water supply and water rights before committing to a particular parcel.
    If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats. - Lemony Snicket

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    northern cal is on my radar too if we end up leaving the east coast. we've also listed the house and--gulp--it needs to be ready for febuary 1st showing.
    my bestie came thisclose to buying a gorgeous horse property in garberville which had amazing trails.
    best wishes, keep us posted for sure!
    oh and please do tell about living in the rv too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suz View Post
    oh and please do tell about living in the rv too?
    I guess that's me! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to horn in on the OP's thread. I'm really you have decided on a place to move to, WideSquareAlter! I know what you mean about the packing thing! I spent weeks packing before we moved and I didn't think we'd EVER finish.

    BTW, living in the RV has been really nice. We are plenty warm, and the furnace isn't even using that much propane. I did insulate the trailer really well. We have our 2 dogs and 2 cats with us, and they have adjusted just fine. We walk the dogs by the Yellowstone river every day, which is a treat.

    It's also been really warm here in Billings! It was 48 degrees today. I had to laugh because it was 18 degrees back in Missouri, where we just moved from.

    There are 2 properties that we are considering; we will definitely buy one or the other. Other good things have been happening, so we are happy!

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