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    Default Putting weight back on the post op/anorexic dog...

    My lovely mutt lost a little over 20 lbs during his illness the last few weeks. He's at 72 this week and his normal is 94. (and that's not fat, that's fit)

    He is on a modified diet for GI issues of hamburger/rice and mixing in more of his normal food. I'm feeing 2-3 times daily if he'll eat.

    Have a call in to vet and surgeon both...should I be adding something else to help get his weight back up?

    I've been taking it easy on him so as not to upset the GI stuff, but I don't think he's really getting enough calories right now to put weight on. I don't want to induce pancreatitis or anything....
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    Would he tolerate potatoes? Both white and sweet? They should be fairly benign GI-wise and a show handler I know feeds them to her dogs who need more calories and swears by them.

    Also, I remember GraceLikeRain had a thread on the subject of boosting her dog's caloric intake not too long ago. There may be some other good suggestions in there:

    Good luck with your boy!

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    Satin Balls?

    Can he tolerate oil? I would be sorely tempted to add salmon oil or Wellpride if he can. Tons of calories in oil!

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    Satin balls are awesome! I use to make those for a dog we used to have that had Protien Losing Enteropothy she looked like a neglect case because she couldn't absorb anything, but when we finally figured out what was causing her to lose all that weight and other related issues we were able to treat her and included satin balls which helped pick her weight back up pretty quickly. I also suggest more feeding if you can manage, we used to have to feed our girl 8 times a day because too much food in only 3 feedings would make her get sick right after.
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