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    Default SCORE Today--Chain Harrow

    Saw an add for a Barn Sale. Got up early because I was hoping to find stall mats and a big fan, among the listed items.

    Mats were kind of pricy, cut to fit 10x10 stalls. So I passed on them. Fans were ceiling mounted, have to take them down myself, so passed on them too.

    HOWEVER, there was a snarled mess of chain harrow piled in one corner, so I asked how much? She said "make an offer". So I did and she said "sold".

    I got 4 sections of chain with the teeth, in pretty good shape, not stretched out. Needs a few hooks replaced on some sections. Pipe to hook them on was folded, but husband said he can make another pipe. Got the whole thing for $20!!

    I am rather shocked, but she didn't even blink an eye at the offer that I figured she would counter with a higher price. No dickering, she took it. Checking the TSC chain harrows, even one section with a pull pipe is $249! These sections are probably 40" square, so smaller than TSC sections. STILL, I got "deal of the week" today!

    I did get a couple other things, a power washer for $5 that doesn't work. Husband said the wheels were worth the $5. He wants to tinker with it, so if he gets it working we are ahead. I hauled my water tanks to the quarter car-wash for cleaning, which was suggested here on COTH. Does an excellent job cleaning 3 tanks for $2. So having a power washer at home, cost less than driving to town to wash them three times over a summer. He will have fun playing with it. Some folks like puzzles, he likes fixing things he knows nothing about. He has a good record of success.

    The other purchase was a milk crate full of fire extinguishers. He wanted $5, I offered $2. None of them had a charge. Then I told him that they might not be refillable, so it would be money wasted to me. He countered with $3 offer, and I took it. Milk crate is worth that, it is a good one! Now I have to take them to the Fire Safety folks in town, see if the extinguishers are actually refillable. Hope so! There are 4 larger ones in there, enough for putting around the barn at the doors.

    A very good day, all before 11A!

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    Jan. 4, 2007



    You did make a big haul today.

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    Gotta love those finds! Esp of hubby doesn't mind fixing a thing or two

    My great find came a couple of weeks ago, at our local, weekly church sale.

    I usually go there to buy spare hats and mitts since my son is forever losing his.

    Get this, I found, brand new, I don't think they had being worn even once(!) pair of Black, Ariat lace up paddock boots, and a pair of blundstone(sp) pull ons! For 3 bucks a pair!! As well as a gently used Echo Red hoody for the kiddo that also fits me. Woot is all have to say lol!

    I love garage saleing and goodwill!

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