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    Jan. 8, 2012

    Default Sore No More Liniment Gel

    Does the SNM liniment gel have a true cooling effect, similar to Absorbine to let you think it is working? My BF sprained his back and I rubbed some in trying to help soothe the area. I never noticed anything on my hands and he never felt anything all day on it. Are we missing something?
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    Nov. 5, 2000


    I feel it on my hands when I use it on my mare's hocks - it feels good to my arthritic fingers. How much are you using?

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    Aug. 22, 2005


    I tried it on a horse and I also never felt anything on my hands. My hands always feel better after using Absorbine gel. So I gave the Sore No More to a very happy fellow boarder and went back to Absorbine gel.
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    Dec. 3, 2002


    I believe SoreNoMore has changed it's formula..or something is now different.
    I just bought a new bottle and was always a fan and I loved how it made my hands feel- my horse loved it also on his sore parts. The new bottle has no effect at all on my hands, so my guess is there's no/little effect on the horse.

    It's a shame because it was always a staple in my goody box.

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    Mar. 8, 2004
    Baltimore, MD


    There is no menthol in it so you aren't going to get the cool tingle.

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    Oct. 6, 2002
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    Ditto Laurierace. Without lots of alcohol/menthol you don't get that "cooling" effect, but that's not the effective ingredient. That's the arnica. And having rubbed it on myself from time to time, it does work. Not immediate novicane type numbing/relief but it does help with pain and swelling.
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