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    Default EPM and Headshaking

    Have any of you ever heard of EPM causing headshaking? There is a horse that belongs to a friend that started headshaking a couple of months ago. Everything else has been tried with no results. He was just tested for EPM and came up positive. I am so hoping treating it might help as he seems like a nice horse and she has gone above and beyond trying to solve it. Any ideas?

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    Coming up "positive" for EPM only means that he horse has been EXPOSED to S. neurona, not that the parasite is causing neurological disease. A lot of people think their horses have EPM when they don't - 90% of the horse population in endemic areas have been exposed to S. neurona but less than 1% actually get the disease.

    Does the horse have other neuro signs?

    Headshaking is typically caused by an idiopathic trigeminal neuropathy. If the horse has an EPM lesion on/near the trigeminal nerve, it seems reasonable to me that this could cause headshaking, but I am not 100% positive on that.

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    Yes it can cause head shaking from what I've been told. I have 2 now that are going through treatments. My did not get the head shaking or tremors but I've seen them with it. I will say i treated the first of mine 2 years ago with Marquis for 3 months and then smz cocktail for 6 months. Come to find out he never cleared like we thought and is still highly positive. We are doing the oroquin 10 and it has worked wonders with this one. My other guy has just started it 2 days ago so not sure with him yet. The first horse after 2 years of retirement with epm issues I've been told can be back in work in 4 weeks. Such a shock and happy discussion I had with my vet when I heard this. Anyways, I would check into the oroquin before i spent a fortune on Marquis. I really just threw so much money away on that medicine it frustrates me but at least now he is going to be better.
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