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    Oct. 29, 1999


    I am not sure I have the energy to wade into this one, but here goes.

    Everyone is talking like there are only 2 types - Anky's gold medal horse, and the $1000. plug

    What IS average? I am breeding for OUTSTANDING HORSES for the AVERAGE RIDER.

    I don't think you can breed for a hot, ultra sensitive, and reactive horse like Nicole's Rembrandt, and have it not quite make the mark talent wise, and sell it to an Amateur rider.

    We come back to that question that no one wants to answer - Scores for Rideability - re: 100 Day Test. Is the score given for the ultra sensitive horse to breed for the TOP? or is the high rideability score given for a horse that will overlook a slightly not correct aid, or a leg bump not meant. Or a drop in front of a jump, like the stallion testing rider was doing.

    I think we are talking about different things for "Average", and "Middle Market". There IS a shortage of middle market horses. Middle Market horses are those that can be very competitive Regionally at all levels, maybe even Nationally at lower to mid level, occasionally FEI, but maybe not an International prospect. Middle market horses are horses that are specifically bred to be ridable for the AVERAGE rider to progress on, NOT pay their trainer to train/show for 5 years first. Middle market horses are bred to help their AVERAGE riders attain levels they had only dreamed of competing. BUT, if those "middle Market" horses happen to end up in a Top Rider's barn, they may have the talent to go to the top.

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    Fairview, I completely agree. That "middle market" horse you are describing very much reflects what my breeding program is aiming for (and producing I might say). Well said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicRoseFarm
    It is possible to produce suitable horses for the average person, while the same horse has the talent for top cmpetition and riders.

    I personally do NOT think it is necessary to sacrifice temperament and trainability to produce the best.
    Oh, yes! HERE is proof of that (scroll down to see my point):

    Even his rider didn't believe he could pack an 11-year-old AND go Advanced. We need more "Non standards" to break old fogey misperceptions (er, not that Con's rider is an old fogey--it's just her assumption that was "old"!).

    BBBBuuuutttt, DB (and bear with me on this),

    Quote Originally Posted by Daydream Believer
    Kudos Pinto Piaffe....

    There is nothing wrong with breeding for the amateur market as your target. That does not mean you are using substandard animals either.
    But you ARE breeding "substandard" animals...according to some old German fogey. That's why I'm tired of this issue. I don't like the compromising midset that some have about "average" when it really is little more than an economic thing UNTIL holier than thou types step in and act like they have THE definition everyone should use for "the standard."

    There ain't no such thing, so why argue about it?

    (It's 11pm, I'm cranky as all get out, can't sleep, only release I get is from fussying about.)
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