I won't lie, this has been really hard. Depression has been a reality the last few days. Only a few days before she died, I took her to my first cat show where she granded in one show. I have yet to figure out the horse equivalent, but this is not an easy thing to do. Breeders will go decades before they have a one show grand. She was royally bred...sire was best of breed across the whole CFA one year. She was a regional winning level cat (like a zone champion). But most of all, she was my pet and companion.

I know, however, that nothing will bring her back. I just want to learn so this never happens to one of my pets again. Again, thank you all for sharing your knowledge...hopefully this will never happen to anyone's pet.

And a most sincere thanks for the condolences. Though I don't know any of you, it still means a lot.