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    Default Moving the barn/outdoor cat

    So, my dream is coming true and we're moving to a little farm where the horses can live at home! I'm so excited and feel good about moving the horses.
    k I don't feel so good about moving the cats.

    The guys are not young and have only known one home. They aren't comfortable in the house or even when they're closed in on the screen porch. We're moving 2 1/2 hours away and I know I'll have to confine them for a while. Hell, I'll probably have to drug them for a while.

    I'd love to hear any and all suggestions - please....
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    When we moved 1200 miles to Ok. I brought all of my barn cats (8). I had them in large 3x5 cages with litter pans and kept them shut in for about a week after arrival. All but one were very tame pets, but I put the cages in a large hay barn and fed them in the cages anyway. After everyone seemed settled, I opened the door to one cage and let two cats loose in the barn, but kept the other locked in. After a few days I let another one out. When they were all loose in the barn I started letting them out into the yard, but continued to put their food and water in the cages. The outcome was that they all settled and stayed except the one who was a bit feral to start with. After a few days he went off, never to be seen again. I felt badly, but could not keep him locked up forever. Good luck. Congrats on your new farm.
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    There's lots of info about "relocating" barn cats online - this site looks to be pretty decent:, and here's the info on my local Animal Control's website:
    or maybe PM Erin - I know she does a lot of feral cat work and can probably give you some good advice.

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