I am looking at buying a 2 year old this winter as a project horse to bring up and want to make sure that I do things the right way. I have experience working with young horses, and plan on doing everything under trainer supervision.

Would love to hear everyone's opinions on who their favourite stallions are, where to look for good quality young horses (am from Ontario but willing to look in New York, Michigan etc), how much a well bred 2 year old will cost, and anything else that I should know. I am still deciding whether I would prefer a hunter or jumper prospect, but something with a good mentality is necessary as I am not a professional. I have heard good things about the temperaments of Sir Wanabi foals, any others that I should really look at?

Basically I am just interested in learning as much as I can before I start getting in touch with breeders. I do have an experienced trainer that will be helping with the search but want to get opinions from others as well.