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    Quote Originally Posted by alto View Post
    There's no way that a minor company such as Hidez could afford the sort of money that these companies charge

    I just don't see that Hidez claims are any more offensive/less reputable than most other products on offer ... since I was just reading a post on cribbing collars - what a load of bunk is claimed on those products & no mention ever of the risks of using the collars or links to any of the many veterinary studies on crib-biting in horses & risk/effect/suitable treatment etc.
    I think there's some middle ground between spending hundreds of thousands on a product and doing nothing but posting testimonials from people you gave free product to

    Even Back on Track did that quasi-science test where they showed the skin under the product was warmer than naked (begs the question as to whether that warmth does a THING for performance, but at least it's something). I'm fine with putting a product like this out there without having subjected it to FDA type testing-- but then don't go around with major claims about efficacy. Just say it incorporates the technology used on people and could help. That's different than saying a lot of what's on the Hidez website...

    <Animal athletes are like human athletes> <-- oh, I guess I'll go eat some bute now since it works on horses. And oh, I guess I'll ask my horse to vomit since equines are like humans

    <The unique seams also play a role, acting as anchor points our seams they help us with muscle focus creating the right amounts of controlled graduated compression to the animals body.> <--with apparently no testing, how do they know what the "right" amount of compression is?!

    <We have done many trials with HIDEZ over the years. People whom have used the HIDEZ suits have experienced great results with their animals. From regular people training at home, Veterinarians to Olympic gold medalists competing in national and international events.> <-- blind, controlled studies? And how many people? And did they make any effort at control?

    <When HIDES are worn during transport, the compressive effect prevents muscles from vibration & overextending (which can cause injury) and may even treat injuries as they occur.> <--I am not aware of ANY science behind ANY of this.

    That's just a sample. The website is also full of typos.

    And this statements made me cringe in "ick"

    <Our Broad Mares suit is designed to support the mare and foal throughout pregnancy and will be left on the entire time of the pregnancy.>

    Covered skin with unwashed lycra for literally months and months and months at a time? Poor mares!
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    Huh! but why does it stop at the shoulder?

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    Bwaahahahaha! Now if I had a white horse I REALLY wanted to keep clean after a bath... perhaps but not for $600. It looks like regular stretchy Lycra material like any of the slinky hoods?
    Hmm... now if they could make that out of Neoprene or something of that sort....I have a pony I could put this on and perhaps sweat a few pounds off of? LOL Perhaps an "equine wet/dry suit"?
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