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    Quote Originally Posted by RdEventer View Post
    My favorite name I've seen is Khaleesi (means princess, from Game of Thrones). Good variation on a common name and fun to say.
    Ha. "Francisco. That's fun to say. Fran-cis-co. Fran-CIS-co"

    Okay, perhaps I watch too much TV.

    I name my dogs, preferably, along the lines of their sire and dam. Sometimes it doesn't work out, but we try.

    We have Oakhurst Bayakoa Kikora, who is out of Oakhurst Run For The Roses--call name Ruffian. Bayakoa was an excellent race mare in the late 80s. We call her Koa.

    The new puppy was supposed to be out of Oakhurst Covergirl, call name Tyra, so I worked out Oakhurst Zinyama Kikora--Lenah Zinyama is a supermodel from Zimbabwe, so it seemed a suitable name for my Rhodesian Ridgeback. Unfortunately, Covergirl only had one male puppy that the breeder retained. We got a puppy from the Adili's American Idol/Oakhurst Mi Mi Sharika litter instead, and try as I might, I could not come up with a music industry related name that I liked, so we stuck with the original plan. We call the puppy Zinny, Zin, or Zin Zin, and it seems to suit her well. (I can also pretend that we named her after Zenyatta, which keeps with the previous race horse theme--ha!)

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    My dog came from a litter of aussies my horse trainer had. I was planning on taking a little red girl who I was going to name Jolene after the Dolly Parton song. When it came time to pick out my puppy I actually ended up with a big, sweet boy instead. I had no idea what to name him but his big, goofy self reminded me of Gus-Gus, the mouse from Cinderella and that's where his name came from

    It also fit with the requirement that the name fit a single syllable and repeatable name for agility like Jo Jo, Ju Ju, Sly Sly and Gus Gus fits perfectly

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    Avalon the human guy temporarily inconvenienced by having the body of a tuxedo cat was named because Battle of Evermore was playing when I picked him up from the shelter. He stopped yowling in his crate when the line about the angels of Avalon played. He'd been called Precious in the shelter ...sorry, but no self-respecting male cat gets called Precious at my house!

    Jasper the cat is a gorgeous Maine Coon with really distinct markings - his face has the gray, tan, cream, and brown of picture jasper. His name at the shelter was Ziggy ...ah, no. That will not do! And Jasper just jumped into my head when I saw that face.

    Arkady the cream and red half-Siamese ...partially because I like the name, partially because Arkady was called Jasper at the shelter! An exotic cat needed an exotic name. I do love that kind of Russian/Eastern European name.

    Annie the dog just told me that was her name. She'd been called Phoebe, but she's an Annie. She's a corgi, so I declared that it was short for Angharad.

    Sparky the corgi ....he came with his name. I'd have called him Robin for te sable marking of the monk's cap - it looks like Robin's mask in the comics. Sparky it is, though.
    Nanakorobi yaoki: Seven times fall, eight times rise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LexInVA View Post
    I just looked at him and his name floated out of the ether.
    Same here. Greyhound number 3 is Ziva. Ziva the Diva. Fits her to a T. She is very elegant, very refined, very everything. Until you turn her out and she goes ballistic for 60 seconds around the pasture.

    Greyhound number 4 came with his name and as he is nine we ain't changing it. Boy. Real original. Also very useful. He hears it alot!

    Greyhound number 1 also came named, Leo. Large and lion-yellow in color. I would have changed it, but. . .

    Greyhound number 2 (father of greyhound number 4) came as Proud. He was ten when he arrived in our home and it quickly got changed to Pops.

    My original coonhounds, back in the day, came from a breeder who named all her litters with words/phrases starting with "W". We had a Why Not Me and a Wild Goose Chase. My last litter of coonhounds all had "night" in their names - Heat of the Night, Night Train and so on.

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    My dogs all came with names that we liked well enough and seemed to fit.

    My friend has a small, little dog (not sure what breed(s)), but she named her Laptop b/c anytime anyone is sitting, the dog is in their lap. I think it's such a cute, fitting name!

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    We have 5 dogs. The first dog, Hootie, would howl like he was singing, so I went with Hootie from the band Hootie and the Blowfish.

    The second dog got his name, Bocephus, because I always wanted to name a dog or horse Bocephus and it went with my music theme (Hank Jr.'s nickname).

    The third dog was big and fat and it was around Thanksgiving so we went with Pumpkin.

    For the fourth dog I wanted to get back to the music theme so we went with June... which turned into Junebug... which turned into Jitterbug... So now she only comes to Jitterbug which was only supposed to be a nickname. We bit the bullet and changed her dog tag to Jitterbug because it was the only name she knew and I was okay with it beceause it was still musical...

    The fifth and final dog, Kaiser, got his name because DH always wanted a big male GSD or Doberman named Kaiser (boys...) and someone gave us a male Dobie puppy so it fit perfectly.
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    My Rottweiler, Mercedes, just came to me when I saw her...But she was only ever called Mercedes when she was in trouble...the rest of time she was "The Moose"

    My boxer was a rescue. She was being called "Malibu Beach" aka Malibu and I just hated it! It reminded me of Malibu barbie and I didn't want a flakey/princess dog

    She also needed a new name to go with her new life so I shortened it to "Mallie" It's a bit odd but it's just so ... her!

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