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    I hate to tell you folks, but you can always have a horse decide to play up on the lunge. Cold, windy days can be a real challenge if you have a hot horse. After all, horses ARE horses. I never use vienna reins either because you never know when you might get a blow up...only regular sidereins.

    One way that seemed to work for me as to prevent bucking on the lunge was actually a method that encouraged it initially. That was to use a surcingle with a crupper. Every horse that I started was subjected to the crupper, even though I had no intention of driving them. After a few days of starting each session with a bucking fit, the horse decides to stop the fuss. I have never had one restart with bucking on the lunge after those first few days. I am not saying it could not happen...only that it has never happened to me. Right now, I am working with a young mare that I did not start, and did not even raise from a foal. I have never used the crupper on her, though I have been told that she has been driven. She gives me a few impressive bucks now and then, and generally in the clockwise direction as she takes the canter.

    I suspect that some horses might buck because they are still not correctly straight on the lunge. When the bucking starts, it is generally best to try to drive the horse forward a bit more, but I never punish the buck. Better that they get it over with before I am in the saddle.

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    me? i would rather they play it up on the lunge line instead of under saddle so personally i dont worry about it at all... as long as they are maintaining forward momentum that is.

    and fwiw, this isnt just me - but various trainers i have worked with over the years.....

    oh, will say that i allow it if i know the horse is generally well behaved and is literally doing a self adjustment etc.

    for a horse the habitually acts up and is not generally controllable that is very different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merrygoround View Post
    "And I will add this link to a video showing how my horse *used* to be lunged before I bought him!"

    I have a mental picture of a handler flat on his/her back skijorring across the field.
    Holly cow! I can't believe the handler was just slipping the lunge line over his head!

    OT: But is anyone else getting ads on top of the text? Makes it very difficult to read the posts...
    Yes, I smell like a horse. No, I don't consider that to be a problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by DottieHQ View Post
    You're just jealous because you lack my extensive koalafications.

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    Darlin, I don't see him acting up in that video. He looks a bit full of himself but not misbehaving.
    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddys Mom View Post
    And I will add this link to a video showing how my horse *used* to be lunged before I bought him!
    freezing cold.
    too small a circle.
    no handler ability/effort whatsoever
    and no pen around him..
    that is a true ammy horse right there.

    ETA: no wonder lunging has such a poor reputation.

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