Has anybody heard about this here in northern AB?

It was a link I followed on a friends FB page, but I don't know how to copy it from FB(iPhone won't let me).

It was posted by, The Country Barn.

This is just the direction details, not what, The country Barn has exactly posted.

Between Twp road 514 and 520 on the west side of Highway 22.

Apparently their horse had been shot through the ear! *And that her horses are in a pen right in front of her home! *She also mentions her children play in front of her house as well! Crazy.

Very scary, and sad. *It gives us responsible hunters a really bad rap when theses 'weekend warriors' come out to hunt.

Stray or misdirected bullet, when the eff are hunters going to smarten up and make 100% sure of what you are shooting at, is, indeed your game animal and that you are actually going to hit it. Not to mention permission to hunt on the actual property.

Eta: I typed this out on the *notes* feature and now *'s appear throughout my post. Sorry!