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    Default Palatable omega 3 source?

    I'm not having much luck finding an omega 3 supplement that all my horses like. Flax seed has been rejected. My pony will eat fish oil capsules, but the minis won't. I've tried putting the fish oil on Timothy cubes for them, which didn't work. The only thing that's working is to mix it with some water, turmeric and psyllium....they like that. The only issue is it's rough on the the time I'm done, the syringe gets really hard to use.

    Two have EMS and can't have any grain products, and the other is just IR.

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    Have you tried Omega Horse shine? Or one of the ground flax supplements. It might have a different flavor then hole flax.

    I know you can get Flax oil .
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    If flax doesn't work, you might try chia.

    My horses do find the omega horseshine mentioned above palatable, but they also didn't have a problem with whole flax...

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    Cocasoya Oil, Progressive Nutritions Envision Classic
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