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    Default Gastic Ulceration affecting glandular mucosa instead of typlical squamous mucosa

    Had my mare scoped last week and she had very strange staining and inflammation in areas not typically affected by ulcers. The vet showed pictures to the other vets and they believe it is ulceration of the glandular mucosa vs. typical ulceration of squamous mucosa. I don't know the difference between the two, but my questions were as follows; does anyone have experience with this and has anyone used SmartGut or Succeed to assist? She is finishing up a course of misopristol. She was on gastroguard for a few months this winter. Curious if anyone else has experience with this specific presentation of ulceration. Thanks in advance!

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    Mine had severe pyloric ulcers and has been on GG/UG since last October. Months of omeprazole, antibiotics and a month of Mioprostil. It is a hard area as it is at the opening of the stomach into the small intestine. It is where the hydrochloric acid is produced also. Good luck!. My horse's treatment cost upwards of $15,000 then $$/day for 1/4 UG daily. Ask your vet about Merial's trial study and see if your horse is a candidate. They paid for a months worth of 2 different antibiotics, 2 tubes of GG a day for a month and 2 of the 4 scopings. They take forever to reimburse for the antibiotics and scopings, so your vet may be hesitant to ask about the program. I was fortunate to have a vet willing to wait for her money (6 months!). Fortunately, my horse is insured, but the out of pocket expense was still huge. Maintanence costs me $6.00/day plus another 3? a day for Equishure. I give her alfalfa before and after I ride, five or six tums before I put the bit in her mouth, and she has hay in front of her all the time. I use the Equishure to help with acidity in her hindgut since her food is not fully digested in her stomach due to the acid suppression. I feel your pain (and your horse's).

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    I've got one with severe pyloric ulcers right now (grade 4, bleeding). Diagnosed 5/19. He's been on Gastroguard, Sucralfate, and Misoprostol continuously since then. He also did 30 days of Doxy. He goes for his 5th scope next week.

    He also gets alfalfa cubes 30 minutes before each meal, and we mix alfalfa pellets in with his meal.

    His only supplements are a basic vitamin/mineral supp. and electrolytes.

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