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    Default Riding with wrist injury?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for riding and specifically longeing with a wrist injury? I have a synovial cyst in my right wrist and am in a splint for at least 6 weeks. My guy has to be longed since he's currently recuperating from a major injury and can't have turnout yet. He's trained to longe in the direction of the hand you hold the longe line in (longes to the right if line is in right hand), and I hate to longe him one-sided for 6 weeks. I'm also concerned about being "even" with contact through my hands since one feels so different.

    Anyone with experience with something like this? Of course, on the bright side, should help me with keeping that wrist nice and straight!

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    Honestly? Don't do it. You can end up hurting worse or causing more issues from an accidental pull etc. I've had 15 wrist surgeries over the last 14 years, and spent a lot of time in a splint or cast. I would lunge with just my right hand with very well mannered horses when needed, but I was able to have them go both directions etc. I know I set back healing more than a few times by continuing to ride and lunge and do barn work as one handed as I could. I would definitely suggest finding a helper to lunge for you, if your horse can't handle going either direction while holding the line in a single hand (and orientating your body)

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    I had both wrists in braces/casts over the past few years due to a couple fun surgeries and happily lunged most of the time, but mine don't pull, I knew they would be OK if something happened and I just dropped the line and they could lunge quite nicely either hand as long as I stood where I am supposed to (point of hip relationship). If you can safely do all that, I'd say go for it. But it's not worth screwing up a surgeon's hard work if you can't.
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