We pulled this gelding out of a poor situation a year ago and at first he rehabbed beautifully. We cleared his Lyme & ulcers and got him moving well again, however, navicular changes have made him uncomfortable in his job as a school horse. He is suitable for a very light riding schedule only. We would like to place him in a safe loving home if possible.

He is a very sweet horse who wishes to please but does have a few issues beside his feet. He does not crosstie or single tie well. We have worked with him on ground tying and this has gone well. He is in bar shoes with a pad. Barefoot behind. Easy keeper. Good for vet. I have x-rays and am certainly willing to send them with him. Loads on a trailer. Ok on trails. Not what I would call a spooky horse but he's not completely bombproof either. I think if someone worked with him out on the trails more he'd be better. He spent most of his time in the ring trotting over poles so he didn't see too many trails.

This is a tough one - he's not sound and he's not for a rank beginner - but I thought I'd throw it out here in case someone experienced has a soft spot for OTTB's and needs/wants a companion/light riding horse. The good news is that he is the same horse day in and day out regardless of level of work. I could leave him turned out for a week and hop on and still have a sane horse. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks!