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    Cool Cross post: Support the CANTER Texas startup fundraiser?

    Don't shoot the messenger because I am not affiliated with CANTER or CANTER Texas in any way...but as an OTTB-lovin' bystander, I'm appalled that their online campaign for startup funds has stalled at $662 for weeks.

    Surely the OTTB lovers of the world can do better than that! Dare all your OTTB-loving friends to throw them a dribble of cash!

    PS, there is some intense horsey drool candy at their Facebook site .

    Cut and pasted from their fundraiser:

    CANTER is a non profit volunteer run organization and relies on donations to operate. Each state has it's own affiliate that serves the racetracks and horses in that state. Our goal is to start an affiliate in Texas and the 3 major racetracks located here. Texas is a high risk state for racehorses who can no longer run.

    We have been approved by CANTER National to start our affiliate program here and just need to raise funds to get off and running!! You can read more about the CANTER program at their website, Our Facebook page is

    Since this question has come up a lot, there is a program in Texas called LOPE that did listings and also ran an adoption program. LOPE is no longer doing their listing service and are focusing on their rescue and retraining programs. We want to work together with LOPE, Remember Me Rescue, and other non racehorse specific rescues in Texas to give these horses the best opportunity to find good homes.

    Our goal is to raise approximately $350 at a minimum to start taking listings at Sam Houston Race Park before the meet ends on March 11. In total our start up costs will be approximately $1500-$2000.

    Our initial start up costs include tax filing and registering as a non profit with the state, obtaining our federal 501(c)(3) status, TRC licenses which allow us to access the barn area and perform our necessary functions and liability insurance to protect volunteers while working for CANTER Texas.

    In addition to these costs, we will need funds for flyers, promotional materials and advertising to reach as many trainers and potential buyers as we can. We will be doing our own fundraising in a variety of ways, and some of these require initial downpayment, such as selling TShirts and Stickers.

    After our intitial 2 years as a listing service, we will have the option of operating a CANTER owned program, where we will take in ex racehorses to rehab, retrain and adopt into loving homes. The expenses for this part of the program will be costly as we will be provided feed, stabling, vet care and training to these horses to make them adoptable. Additional donations will go towards this long term goal.
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    Thanks for sharing this info OP.
    I'd be glad to help in any way I can, starting with sharing on FB.
    I hope other OTTB lovers can too.

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    I wonder if part of the issue stems from the previous CANTER TX and now defunct (I think), Gulf South CANTER, plus the confusion with LOPE.

    I purchased my very first OTTB from CANTER TX 10 years ago and then CANTER TX went away. Next LOPE came along, and it still exists, but the focus has changed (I'm guessing here as I haven't seen anything about this and I have them liked on Facebook) and I think many people think they are still doing the same thing as before, which is what CANTER TX is setting up to do now. There was also CANTER Gulf South which was here, then seems to have disappeared. I tried many times to volunteer for Gulf South CANTER, but never heard anything back from them and they just didn't seem to be like a very personable group, which could be making people skeptical to try again.

    Maybe it is the perfect storm of lack of communication about LOPE's new role, and the somewhat fickle previous experience with the first 2 CANTER tries in/near TX that has people waiting to see what happens. There is also the fact that LOPE is established and many of the OTTB people are already have a relationship with them in some way, so it make take a little time for them to decide move over to CANTER or split their donations between the two. Heck, I live in Texas and never heard a thing about CANTER TX until Purp made the post about the chestnut gelding.

    Anyway, just a few ideas as to what might have stalled the donations a bit.
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    A few weeks ago there was a blurb on the LOPE site about how they are no longer offering a listing service, but that seems to be gone now.

    As of right now, the other two TB related non-profits in TX besides CANTER are both rescues and offer horses for adoption directly through them. CANTER is the only listing service, and has a presence at all 3 major tracks in Texas. As part of the effort to get it off the ground there are substantial costs involved to get everything/everyone licensed, official, insured and legal. That's what the fundraising is for - to offset these start up costs. So far a lot of the volunteers have been funding things themselves as they have come up. Even looking through the donations, a lot are from volunteers. Obviously this group is invested in more ways than one.

    I too remember the first go-round of CANTER in Texas and the Gulf South chapter. This time it's being run by an entirely different group, which from my perspective has a much broader support system and a big group of dedicated volunteers that care very much about this being a success. The need for a listing service with a presence at the tracks is huge in Texas, IMO. Hopefully people will believe in the cause enough to want to help give it a bit of a push out of the gate. Without public support nothing will ever succeed.

    CANTER Texas' relaunch is very recent, only happening officially within the past few weeks, which is probably why you hadn't gotten the news yet. I know that all of the people involved have been spreading the news/sharing on facebook like crazy, but it's inevitable that many people still haven't heard. Please like CANTER Texas on facebook and invite your friends to do the same. Hopefully it will continue to trickle down the line and as more people become aware over the coming weeks and months, support will grow. The good news is that in just the very first week of listings 6 horses found new homes. Off to a good start!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsRidiculous View Post
    A few weeks ago there was a blurb on the LOPE site about how they are no longer offering a listing service, but that seems to be gone now.

    I hadn't seen this before, so I'm glad this thread made me aware of it.
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    Thank you so much for sharing!

    We have only started very recently (we literally began listing 10 days ago) so some people may not be aware of us yet but we are working very hard to promote the service and will be doing much more to get to get the word out in the future.

    Our initial fundraiser raised around 80% of our current total in just the first week. Because what we had was enough to get the ball rolling to at least start listing horses, we didn't feel the need to keep pushing for donations and have let the fundraiser page sit quietly for now. Just to be clear, we aren't in urgent need to earn the money by a certain date and will probably be moving the end date back so people can continue to donate if they wish.
    CANTER Texas
    Racehorse Rehoming Assistance

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    As soon as I'm back on my feet and out of the hospital I'd love to volunteer at Lone Star. I still have my owner's license, so getting to the back side isn't a problem.
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