Does anyone happen to know how the Cavallo Rigoletto (mens) breeches fit? I want to order a pair from Amira Equi, but am totally unsure about sizing. I've never seen men's breeches that go down to size 26, so that makes me assume that they run large? I'm probably close to a size 27-28 in mens, and I'm 5' 8.5" with long legs. The size 26's only come in regular, while the 28+'s come in reg/long. I don't want to have to deal with returns, so any advice would be appreciated.

For reference, I have a pair of Ovation breeches in 28r which fit ok. The length at least is good. The person at the tack shop convinced me to try a women's breech once - it was a Romfh in 26L, which actually fits quite well. I also have a older pair of TS breeches in 28L, which are too long.