I need input on what the best dry dog food is for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Bo had severe GI upset last week and was put on several medications which have gotten him back to "normal" and even feeling better and acting happier than he has been previously (see our LONG "Old Dog Problems" thread for all of that saga...).

Vet put him on canned Science Diet i/d. I don't know if it was the food or the medication or both, but this dog is now back to eating dog food (he previously stopped eating for over a week and I had to cook him chicken/rice every night), which is a miracle.

My vet recommends and was really pushing for the dry i/d in addition to the canned. I'm already spending almost $30 a week for the canned food, which I can deal with because HE'S ACTUALLY EATING IT But the dry i/d is $30 for 8 lbs... He'd be going through almsot 3 bags a month. If I do both the canned and the dry, I'm going to be spending almost half of my paycheck each month on dog food.

I'm keeping him on the canned at least for the next few weeks while we try and get him on a dry-only diet. But I don't feel like he's getting enough with that and he is acting like he is always hungry. He eats dry food if I put it out for him so I would like to add that back into his diet. I just don't know what dry food aside from the i/d would be ideal to feed.