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    Default Processing a deer for raw diet?

    Any tips on doing this? I am having a deer harvested and processed for Allergy Boy aka Baxter. Food allergies are somewhat defined as fish (oil, meat, vitamin e derived from, omegas from, whatever) and flax, along with most proteins. I suspect tho that once the minor ingredients are gone he may be different about proteins sources. So far venison seems to be on the ok list.

    Will be using Natures Pharmacy raw diet supplements which he already does well on. Any ideas on how much bone to tell the butcher to include?
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    Do you know already that he won't have a problem with venison? Unless you were interested in eating it (and it is tasty stuff cooked correctly), a whole deer is quite a lot of meat unless your butcher is just going to give you the prime cuts. If you're not sure, you might be able to find a local hunter trying to clean out what was left of last year's kill from his freezer to try for your dog.

    What I've read is that 10% bone is a decent ball park for a raw diet. The ribs and the lower extremities would probably be the preferable bones to include since the weight-bearing ones might be too tough.

    The heart and liver would be good to have included too!

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    While I completely admit to not knowing all the p's & q's re: raw diets, I'd be concerned about parasites. You may want to make sure your deer meat is frozen at a bare minimum of zero degrees for several days before feeding it raw to your dog.

    It's done with sushi for humans; I can't believe doing it for other mammals would be any different.

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    I knew a wolfhound with food allergies that did great on a venison diet. Her owner was a deer hunter in Michigan. They said she ate about one deer a week.

    You might ask on a raw food diet list about processing deer to feed dogs. I know some people do it. I know some people feed the rib cages, others the stomachs, which I believe they hang and rinse first....and feed outside!

    I've given mine deer legs, but purely as entertainment, not much meat on them.

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    There are some pretty good raw food groups on yahoo, one of them could probably give you a lot of tips and suggestions. I have friends who feed raw and I know they used to butcher the deer in my friend's driveway. Not exactly sure how/what they fed but I have seen my one friend pitching buffalo hearts like baseballs off her back deck (20 feet up) to her dogs down in the yard and I know she also has fed whole skinned rabbit.

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